The Association is open to all those who served or lived at RAF Habbaniya and
associated units in Iraq. We also welcome relatives of those who served or lived
there and who wish to learn more about a unique part of their RAF service.
We also have members who have a historical interest in RAF Habbaniya and the
life and service of the RAF and PAIFORCE in Iraq.
Residents and descendants of the Civil Cantonment are also welcome to join

The Association publishes a newsletter, The Habbite, three times a year and
holds regular reunions

The Association holds a growing archive of photographs, documents and material
relating to RAF Habbaniya, RAF Shaiba, the leave camp at Ser Amadia and other
units in Iraq, together with general scenes and life of Iraq.
The Honorary Secretary and archivist, Dr Christopher Morris has made over 3000
slides from material loaned or donated to the Association and selections are shown
at reunions and meetings. Material is now also scanned and stored digitally.

Membership costs 10 per year in the U.K. and 16 overseas.

For information about joining the RAF Habbaniya Association please Email your
details & postal address to the Honorry Secretary, Dr Christopher Morris.

Official plan of RAF Habbaniya, tinted by Christopher & Susan Morris. It is placed on display at meeetings.
To contact Christopher Morris, Honorary Secretary, RAF Habbaniya Association
Email (Because of spam this is no longer an automatic link.)
Please ensure you add an appropriate subject heading to your email or it risks being
deleted unopened.