The RAF created a summer training
camp in the northern mountains of
Iraq in Kurdistan at Ser Amadia.
The first reference to this is in the
Foreign Office files of 1931 indicating
it had been in use the year before.
The camp was set up in April each
year and closed in September. There
were two adjacent sections, a Levy
camp and a British camp for the
holiday makers.
We have photographs taken in 1931-
32, possibly the first years of the
leave camp. The last summer season
was in 1954 as the camp could not
reopen after the Levies were
disbanded in May 1955. The levies
provided the local guard and security
for those on leave.
Full page map of the
area & Turkish border
View of Leave Camp showing swimming pool. Photo by Wilf Cross 1938
View of Ser Amadia from Mountainside. Wilf Cross 1938.
Sketch map of location
of Ser Amadia in