Basrah lies at the head of the Persian Gulf and is the main port for Iraq. The RAF
Units in Basrah provided support and supply facilities for the RAF & British units in
Iraq. RAF Basrah also accommodated seaplane & flying boats. RAF Makinah
contained further support facilities and a small hospital.
RAF Shaibah lay in the desert 13 miles away from Basrah and was renowned for the
harshness of climate and primitive, isolated facilities.
Unfortunately none of these Units was granted a Unit Crest.
More details of these RAF Units will be given as this pages is developed.
This map was issued to British Forces in May
1941 and one of the members of the RAF
Habbaniya Association has kindly donated his
carefully preserved copy to the Association. It is
in the form of a blue-print and not very legible. It
has been scanned and enhanced into black on
white. A further improvement planned is to
colour the Shatt-al-Arab and creeks in blue to
make the geography more obvious. Meanwhile
please accept what you see on screen as being
the clearest image possible from the original.
The map has now been further enhanced. It is
foolscap so has been scanned in two halves,
cleaned up and enhanced. It has replaced the
original copy on this website.
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Click on this to go to
a 1942 map of the Basrah
& Shaibah area which
shows much details
of the terrain & features.
Click on this to go to
a 1980 map of the Basrah
& Shaibah area. See how
the marshes have shrunk.
Click on this to go to a 1991
map of the Shaibah & Basrah
area. It seems incredible that
there are so many structures
and hazards to flying in an
area that was mainly barren
desert when the RAF were at
Click on this plan of RAF
Shaibah to see a full page
version which you can
Click on this map to go to a
clear version that you can print
out on a full page.